General Purpose relays

We offer our clients top quality electrical relays that complete or interrupt a circuit by physically moving electrical contacts into contact with each other.

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General purpose relays are ideal to use instead of mechanical relays. The relays are used to transfer electricity for high voltage or frequency applications.

We offer general purpose miniature relays with LED indication and 3 poles. It is ideal for power and sequence control, instrumentation, industrial controls and automation systems.

Detailed Description

It is highly durable and reliable. The relays with 5/10 Amps are used in UPS, inverters, voltage stabilizers, process control systems, instrumentation, automation system, vending machine, machine tools and textile machineries. 10/16 Amp relays are elegant, sturdy and lightweight. They are great for air conditioners. As per client demand, we offer them with AC and DC coils.


  • 01

    AC & DC relays from 3 to 80 Amps from 1 to 4 pole

  • 02

    DC power relays up to 125 Amps

  • 03

    Miniature, General purpose, Power & Automotive Relays

  • 04

    Termination via Solder, PCB mounted, Plug-in and Screw type terminals

  • 05

    ERDA Tested & complies with JSS standards

  • 06

    Relay Modules: 1 & 2 Changeovers with 2, 4, 6 & 8 channels

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