Industrial Wires & Cables

We manufacture a wide range of Industrial wires & Cables from 0.5 sq mm to 300 sq mm . Building Wires, Flexible wires, Multi Core Cables, Flat cables, Traveling cables, HRFR, FRLS, ZHFR wires, UL rated Wires , Shielded & Braided Wires & customised cables which provide additional safety and security.

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Special Cables


Each wire is fabricated using 99.97% pure, electrolytic grade, annealed bare copper with more than 100% conductivity.
The use of copper guarantees electrical energy saving which further reduces electricity bills.

Detailed Description

The wires are also wadded with flame retardant PVC compound, which helps to control the spread of a fire even at high temperature. It also provides protection against electrical shock and short circuit.


  • 01

    Additional safety and security

  • 02

    Manufactured using high-grade copper

  • 03

    100% conductivity

  • 04

    Flame-retardant wires

  • 05

    Provides protection against short circuit

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