Salzer Night Light with Mobile Charger

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SALZER Night Light with Mobile Charger is compact and portable, it is touch operated and can charge 2 mobile phones simultaneously.

Detailed Description

SALZER Night Light with Mobile Charger is portable, compact, and easy to carry, Touch Operated Night Light Dimmable – Low / Medium / High. Standard USB charging outlets. it allows charging of Smartphones it has an Inbuilt Short circuit Protection & Thermal shutdown to protect your phones.


  • 01

    Dual Mobile Charger as per IS:13252 safety standard

  • 02

    Charging current for : 1 Phone @ 2.2 Amps , 2 Phones @ 1.1 + 1.1 Amps

  • 03

    Voltage handling Capacity 90 –265 V AC. It can be attached to any switchboard and can be used for charging.

  • 04

    Power Consumption – 0.5 Watts.